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Sorbet Sensation

Jehan, I love the contrast on this image. 3 squares mapped on these so hummmm curves. I love it, Thank you for this vision.


The Date


Liz Greenbelt United States

Slave of Passion


Monika Titusville US

Pret a Porter

I think most of these paintings are great, and I kind of like this one for some reason.

James Roy Overand Kings Pt., NY USA


Si tots puguessim gaudir d´un dia gris sense sol. Litud ni compromisos seria bo no sentir ni tenir els que ens toca.

Alain Kings Pt., NY Over the Rainbow

Haute Couture

I love it.

Mark Heber Aspen USA

Walking By

Love it! Wish I knew how you did it! It's an area I have never explored...

Jilly Saint Petersburg usa

Jehan Legac Gallery

Very interesting views of the female anatomy, sometimes erotic, some down right scary. As I looked on and saw various colour treatments, I wondered what certain pieces would look like blown up to a large scale, but seeing the shot of you

David San Diego, Ca. USA

Down to eart


Pete's wheaton usa


Takes time to read! It is purely an art for art sake piece. Organic unity neglected. But an innovation towards perfection. Congratulations

Sri Guess U.S.


I really like your work. Especially this one. Looks like a a womans body formed with melting metal. Fascinating! Is there any way to purchase it? And if so - how much is it? Thanks in advance.

Reinhold Bihler Somewere U.S.


It would have made Salvador Dali smile if he could have seen this one and maybe even it would have made him cross-over to digital art-work.

Vincent J.F. Klaus . U.S.

Let’s Move…

Pure brilliance! Exceptional ballance. The finesse of finding the essence of sensuality from the body and shape it into a tasteful artistic poempinting that leaves room for any thought and feeling. I wonder what Freud would have made of it though!

Vincent J.F. Klaus . U.S.

Organs Stimulation

If this isn't erotic art ... then what is? If this isn't love for the beauty of the female body ... then what is? Are there no limits to your options for interpretation of the female body, Jehan?

Vincent J.F. Klaus . U.S.


Another great body reshape with yet again great feeling for line and coloring. The magical sensual world of Jehan Legac with a touch of homour continues to improve itself. Every artwork seems to call up two or three others.

Vincent J.F. Klaus . U.S.

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