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Lost in a digital world

Truly amazing, I love the direction you're moving in. The hues and tones are so right.

Don Ewert . U.S.


I think you are beautiful. I am your most great admirer and I LOVE you.

Rodrigo Soberon Lopez . U.S.

Cat Woman

Sensual and fun, with just enough kitch, but not too much to become rediculous! Nice one, I'm a painter too, live in the south of france, west pyrenees. I paint a mixture of mystical and sensual subjectmatter. Good luck mate, I'd love to slip into cat wom

Tony Palmer . U.S.

Thea’s Nights

Love the woman between the time from sunset to sunrise, she is all about darkness.

Paul Baker . U.S.

Down to earth

You don't have to see much to be struck by womens beuty.

Jonas Jacobson . U.S.


Jehan, This one is great!! Not only the woman is beautifull, but the colors and shapes make Venus something to want!!! Greetings, Jac

Jac Tournoij . U.S.


Jehan, Great!!! Together with you 11 color images. Thanks for sharing so beautifull art!! Jac

Jac Tournoij . U.S.

Slip Her

You are one of the best artest I have seen in a long time.Thank you for the wonderfull pictures you have posted on the net.Even my wife like your art!!! Keep up the good work you have a real talent.



You are a great artist. I paint oil on canvas. I am very curious on what your technique is. Are they computer generated? Where do you find your models?

Ray Cook Tallahassee USA

Sunny Side Up

This and "Clone Alert" are my two favorites thus far. This one is very effective in many different colors. Is she carbon-based life or silicone based life? Do you paint over a copy of a photo, digitize the result and then play with color combos?

Dave Eastwood Somewhere USA

Indian Date

I like it. The picture maintains the beauty of the human form yet has an alien touch to it.

David M Stewart Phoenix USA


Beauty, Erotica, Merchandizing, Art and Esthetics all-in-one. And using the most courteous redhead ever to appear on the bondage scene, leaving out those trademark red locks to reach the effect. Great!

Querinus Hollywood, Florida USA


This style, in which several recent Legac-works are created, is wonderful. The chosen coloring is splendid. It also seems to the coming-to-life of "Purdy" from "the Avengers", the way I would have loved to see her appear in the series. or in a dream or ...

Querinus Chicago U.S.A

Sister Jane

This is sweet!!! I love it!!!!!!

Terry Carter Elk River U.S.A

Getting High

good. a tad on the pinup poster side. but if that was what you were shootin for you got it. 🙂

Joben Amsterdam The Netherlands