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Let’s Party

WOW!! ....swweeeet.

Joben Los Gatos, California U.S.A.

Ola, que Tal…

Sylish. hmm and 'G' rated too. nice.

Joben Eugene, OR U.S.A


...well thats disturbing. i like my women with smaller chins thanks.

Joben Clemson USA

ERIKA broke during a hurricane…

was she actualy covered in mud or did you do that? Sexy. not shure why a dirty woman should be but it is.

Joben Miami USA

Beach Party

A venture into the absract i see. very pretty just as pure form. I think i can even see what is is of. 🙂

Joben London England

Week End in Madrid

unusual choice of combined natural(or near to natural) and umm 'fantasy' color shemes. That red things seem a little...phalic. but perhaps that was intended?

Joben Amsterdam Netherlands


don mind if i do. *french kisses her* very nice color and texture effects. sexy too, probly more so than actual porn.

Joben Amsterdam Netherlands

Handle With Care

is it getting warm in here?

Joben France Paris

Back to School

back to school? you have a nicly twisted mind. look almost like pastels.

Joben Appeville France

Red Flag

subtle. very nice.

Joben Amsterdam Netherlands

Go Ahead

Go Ahead, make my diner. ...been waiting a long time to use that joke. Love that two toned backround.

Joben Wrightstown United States

The French Revolution

Ooo is this what its like in france? nice soft curves and colors. very good.

Joben Wrightstown United States

Give it a Try in Bleu

OWWW! my eyes!!. How did you do that? im including my e-mail this time i HAVE to know. not only is it a great picture but that 3-D effect. WOW.

Joben Lafayette USA


Love this one ... would look great as a 4' x 4' or so oil on canvas. Job well done

Don La Mesa USA

As a Butterfly

Sheer perfection. Coloring, shapes, balance. And the best is yet to come!

Querinus Kuala Lumpur Malaysia