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Do Your Remember…

Oh my Goddess! Do I love this one? Yes! This is the kind of Legac work that has grown dearest to my heart. This gaze into infinity, and once again those fine colorshades in the misty flows of airy thoughts. She is gorgeous and it is wonderful.

Querinus Indianapolis USA


Fine art, those blue greasy sensual bodylines. Cool sensuality. In all it's simplicity a strong statement for the female shape.

Querinus Masterdam The Netherlands

Hey… Albert. Why?

Thank you.....this one places the understanding on the viewer...great work....

Gordon Québec St-Raymond

Bleu Fish

Fantastic!!... All your work.

Free Santander España

Hook Her

Beautiful mystical light in a Dali'esquey shaped picture of the dark luring powers of femininity. Fatal attraction in both body and high-heels, where the fatality is most clearly visualized in the "hook to keep". Great!

Querinus New York USA

War is Over

It's very smart not to show the man body, exciting, you are going smoothly troughout your imagination without any limits, you even don't know if there is a man in front of her, I like that very much

Tomasz CZARSKI Nampa, Idaho USA


Great Picture... says SO MUCH... Is it available for purchase???